Friday, January 7, 2011

Learning Something New Every Day!

I think that should be a resolution to everybody's list.  We should learn at least one new thing a day.  Today I learned how to make and add a header layout to my blog.  It doesn't look exactly straight, but at least I did it!  There is a wonderful tutorial here: 

I have been planning and sorta have set up a store and and estsy store.  I wanted to make banners for those stores but it was hard figuring it out, but now I might actually be able to make my online stores look pretty least for me.  I crocheted some hats and scarves for my stores, but still have not taken the pictures to post or have everything set up.

My daughter modeling one of my hats..she's so funny

I promised myself I wouldn't procrastinate, but I'm doing it already or continuing my bad behavior.  Oh, I want to break this cycle of mine.  Didn't Paul say, "the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak?"  I totally get it.  One thing about being young is that you feel invincible.  Nothing can happen to you.  Don't know about you but I have jumped off stuff like shed roofs, jumped over creeks, swung on tarzan rope vines in the woods...and even if I got hurt, I just continued gettting up and kept on going.  So when, at what age do we stop doing that?  I mean, when do we stop pursuing the things we want in life?   When did we let physical pain get us down?  Why have we lost that spirit in us that Paul talks about?  When did we allow our bodies to tell us what to do?

Okay, so maybe some of you haven't.  Sprinkle some of that energy dust on me, please.  Or maybe I should let my spirit start directing my life again! 

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  1. OH!!! I just love your enthuiasm for life!! I wish you all the best for 2011 and I cannot even wait to cozy up and read through your blog. Thank you so much for your sweet comment. Let me know if you decide to do a somersault. =)