Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another Book Haul, DH, the Dog and snow

DH and I went on another book haul.  There is a organization that sells books to help children in other countries and a couple of times a month they open their warehouse and sell their donated books.  However, I guess they get so many of certain types of books they have carts of free books and that's what these are <-------------; all recipes books.  I got all these books for free!!  I can't wait to go through them and pick out some different ideas and recipes for dinner.  I want to span my horizons! :) 
These are books we paid for, but they were only a $1 a piece.  While I was looking through the craft books a women with two daughters stood next to me and said, 'oh look, here is the book that is on mommy's list.'  I thought, wow, this lady must be really organized to make a list of books she is looking for.  I don't believe I was ever that organized, but maybe if I had been things would have been easier.  Who knows?  There are two things I really enjoy:  1)  going to book sales and 2)  shopping at crafts stores.  But since my crafts room is so packed I can hardly get in it, I have given up on craft stores.  I've decided I needed to weed out the stuff I have now and will go back to crafts only and after my crafts room is to the point I am organized and can actually work in it again. 

Now, about a week ago, when it had snowed, dh was going outside (at night) and when he opened the door the beagle dog bolted out.  If anybody has ever owned a beagle then you know these dogs are notorious for bolting out the door.  And once their nose is on the ground there is no stopping them.  And they aren't too street smart either.  So out she goes running, running, running and it didn't matter how much we yelled or screamed for her, she just thought it was a game.  My neighbors, who were going out to eat, got out of their car to come help catch our dog.  She would run in circles around us and we couldn't catch her.  The only way we got her was by our neighbor getting her dog.  When our dog came over to her dog, my neighbor jumped on our beagle and end of story.  Until last night when dh was putting the leash on beagle and two seconds later he yells in the house that the dog got loose.  Ahhh, now how did that happen again?  I was mad the first time, but I was doubly mad again.  We live on a highway and we've had quite a few pets die on that road and I just didn't want it to happen again.  But we could not catch the dog.  And it was snowing hard last night, too.  I just hoped the dog would not run to the road and that she would tire out and come back home.  I went to bed.  A couple of hours later I got up to look outside and she was on the porch with her tail between her legs.  I guess she realized when I turned off the outside lights and it was dark, wet and cold she didn't think it was fun anymore.  However, she was minus one $20 bling dog tag.  Still can't figure out how that would have come off her collar. 

Dh says we are never getting another hound dog again (this is our second) and I told him, I don't plan on being alive in another 15 years so it doesn't make a difference to me.  (We don't live so long on my mother's side.)

And we are thankful our electricity didn't go off last night.  Usually if it rains around here our electricity goes off.  We had a snowstorm last night and the lights were blinking off and on, but we didn't lose our lights/heat.  Yeah!  I cooked a chicken yesterday, so we can eat for the next few days. 

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