Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Pegnancy Clinic Opening and Maryland March for Life

Last Saturday we attended the opening of the new Annapolis, Maryland Pregnancy Clinic...and it' directly across the street from Planned Parenthood.  I said 'we' but not me or's the clinic that I volunteer at. 

Grand Opening - Annapolis Pregnancy Clinic

If you look hard enough during the video you will see across the street the 'escorts' outside on the street where the building of Planned Parenthood is who are waiting for women to come in for their abortions.  Planned Parenthood was afraid of 'us' we would do something to them.  So very sad.  The 40 Days for Life is also going on and you'll see those people on the sidewalk with signs.  In fact, we even applaud them near the end of the video.  (If you look around the video you will see dd, dh, and me.) 

Tuesdays is when I go in to volunteer, but I do so in another office.  When I went in Tuesday we were told that a young women who was scheduled for an abortion that morning at Planned Parenthood saw our sign out front and thought that was the place she was suppose to be at.  Praise God that He directed her to our clinic instead and she left there with encouragment and the decision she was keeping her baby!! 

So last Monday was our Maryland March for Life in Annapolis, MD. 

DD is on the left behind the litte girl in the red.  Dh and I are next to her, but you can't see us.  Maryland has no rules when it comes to abortions which the prolife are trying to fight.  It's why abortionists are coming to Maryland to set up their practices.  It's disgusting that the lawmakers in Maryland have no conscious about outlawing abortions.  Shame on them.  There are some prolife lawmakers as seen in the above video.  Yeah for them!  Pray that abortion will be no longe.  Women need support when found in an unexpected pregnancy, not abortion.  We don't need to victimize the woman twice.

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