Friday, March 16, 2012

Sad News and a Thing That Makes me Mad

I got a call yesterday from dh's cousin telling us his (cousin's) brother was killed in an auto accident yesterday.  It's one of those things that just shocked you numb.  We haven't seen this cousin in years, but dh helped him build his house when he lived closed by.  Today I find out that the cousin had been complaining of pain in his leg. Docs didn't find anything wrong and he was scheduled for more tests this week.  Well, docs, you're a litle late now, aren't you?  Just makes me so mad.  Docs today don't take you for real...they thing people come to the docs because they don't have anything else to do?  Geez. The view/funeral is this weekend four hours away.  It's just unbelievable and sad.  His first grandchild is due in only a couple of weeks.  What a black cloud this is going to put on the birth of the child.  When it's suppose to be a celebration, grandpa is going to be missing.  At forty seven years old, it's too young to be gone.

On another note, I had emptied my piggy bank and finally took the money to the big bank to deposit it in my account. I did not have enough change to roll it.  So I put it on the counter at the bank with my other transactions and the teller is saying she cannot accept my money unless it's rolled.  Man, that made me mad.  I'm tell her I want to deposit it in my account and she's telling me she can't accept money that is not rolled.  I said I don't have enough money to roll it.  She said then I have to wait until I get enough money to roll, then bring it in.  I said I don't want to wait to bring it in I want to deposit the money in my account now!!  I said so you are saying you can't accept my money and you're not allowing me to deposit my money in my account?  I said you're a bank and you're not accepting my money?  I asked her what she does when companies come in with their mean to tell me you accept their coins.  The teller tells me that their money is rolled.  Give me a break.  I said and you don't have a machine to count money.  No, she says, or barks at me.  They don't have a counting machine money...they send it out to be counted.  Well, no she contradicts herself, doesn't she?  Then she leaves the counter and goes to talk to her manager.  The manager comes in.  She proceeds to tell me I can take my money to the grocery store to be counted...I said I don't want to go to the grocery store.  I said it's not that much change..I will help you count it.  The manger says they don't count takes too much time and it holds the line up.  I said 'there is nobody behind me!!!'  The bank was empty...oh my gosh!!!!!  A bank that won't take money..never heard of it.  A teller that won't count money...isn't that ridiculous????  Unreal.  Finally the manager acts like she's doing me a favor and says she will make the expection this time.....unreal.

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