Friday, March 9, 2012

Organizing My Life

     Is anybody's life unorganized like mine?  I set out to do something, anything when I get up and get going in the moring (or afternoon because I'm a night owl), but I get busy on something else and never feel like I've accomplished anything.  Now granted, I do keep up with my clothes  Smiley(dh washes his own [that's another whole story]) and usually do the dishes (when they get piled up), Smiley but everything else I have really let go.  Even dd gives me a "what for" about it when she comes to visit.  Do I like living like this?  No.  But I'm no hoarder; in fact, I have no furniture in my living room.  My family room is kept nice...but the rest of the house...well.  I could do better.  The reason I'm bringing this up at all is because my cat, Miss Puma has polyps that bleed in her ears ...not just trickle, I'm talking about my house looking like a crime scene .  Every time she shakes her get the picture.  Last week we took her to a doctor who had us put meds in her ears (so, what was that suppose to do?) and she had to go back for a recheck last Thursday.  What it comes down to is this:   either do nothing, put her down or have a vet specialist operate on her ears to try and get all the polps out of her ears.  Now, the thing about this is that Miss Puma could become deaf, or could end up with a tilt to her head from her inner ears having to be taken out or damaged.  Okay, so what I'm getting at is that this surgery is going to cost anyway between $3,000 to $4,000.  Shocking.  But what choice do we have?  God says to choose life.  I believe He means all life.  My husband, not so much.  He thinks I'm crazy and he puts the finance blame on me all the time.  Whatever.
     I say all this because today, the weight of debt is on my shoulders. I really have to get back to basics...I need to start cooking at home, growing food myself, canning if need be.  I need to be frugal and hold myself accountable.  Today I searched the internet for a home budget form which lead me to stray and search for other things.  Hence, the reason for this whole story.
      Now, I do have a coupon binder that isn't always up to date, but I get in that mood when I can't stand having to go through a pile of coupons when I need something and I do file the coupons in my binder.  But as I was looking around on the internet today to try to get my life on track and be organized, I have come across women who have home planning books (that's a generic name; every woman has different names for them).  As I was watching their youtubes or reading about their notebooks, I like the idea of it, however, some woman are soooo organized that they have their day scheduled down to the hour each day.  How in the world can that be that fun?  I cannot see me allowing myself 20 minutes on the interent, let's say.  That's not gonna happen. 
     *Sigh*...I don't know.  What I do know is that I gotta get my act together.  I'm even thinking I need to go back to work.  That's scary since I haven't work in 30+ years.  I've never been scared of hard work...I talked to dh about it, but he never gives me good answer about what I should do. 
     I guess I will try to make a home planning notebook, but tweak it to what I think I an do each day. 
     One thing I KNOW I have to do is curbtail the spending.  Not that I go shopping because I don't.  Just have to be more frugal with what I've got. 

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