Thursday, December 6, 2012

This Christmas Season I'm Getting Ready

Here is our Christmas tree this year.  And it's just fine with me!  Our dd had her Bible Group ladies here last weekend for their Christmas get-together and she needed a tree for her living room.  "Take our tree, I told her.  And so she did!  She bought her own bulbs for it and made it a country Christmas tree and to tell you the truth that tree never looked so good!  Call me a scrooge, but the thought of dragging out the tree, decorations and fighting with the lights to get them to work was tiring to me.  :)  So I'm just fine with having a little tree that still lights up and looks good, yet I can put in a box when the season is over and put in the closet.  And we are having Christmas morning at dd's place (downstairs), so that's fine, too. 

I have been making my own Christmas cards.  It's a great way to recycle last year's cards.  I love reusing things such as these and love doing the crafty thing, too.  It's fun.  This year I'm not stressing out and working a little at a time on it.  I'm halfway through making them, got some shopping done, too so I'm way ahead of the game.  Oh, and I also mailed off a Christmas packaged for my great nephews which I usually mail late and the presents usually arrive after Christmas.  So I'm feeling good about myself right now.

Tomorrow night dh is taking dd and ds to his Christmas party.  I'm hoping they have a great time and make memories!!  Last year dd took dd to his Christmas party and she ended up winning the grand prize--a 42" flat screen hd tv!!  We couldn't believe it but at a time in her life when she needed something nice this is what she got!  It was exciting and awesome and the hundreds of people that were at the party were all jealous of her.  Hahah.  They all wanted the grand prize! 

On another note, you might remember my sad story about my purple car last year.  Well, dh uses it for work, however, the other day he came home and said the brake lines were leaking and so it got parked until we get enough money to get the brake lines.  Then last Tues dh called me from work to tell me his truck, which he was driving to work, broke a water hose and so that truck is now parked.  So, guess who is home stuck without a vehicle AGAIN??  History likes to repeat itself, doesn't it? 

I wondered if something else was gonna break down (Murphy's law, right) and sure enough the dishwasher decided to stop washing the dishes.  *sigh*  Poor dh, he's beginning to feel overwhelmed.


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