Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Feeling Better, but...

Well, I'm feeling a little better today, but not totally back to my old self.  I'm still tired and would rather just stay in bed then to get up and get things done.  But, I won't..stay in bed, that is. 

On Friday dd has her company Christmas party in Virginia and she invited her daddy to go with her this year.  Dd has invited her brother, me and now her daddy.  How exciting she can do that.  For dh's Christmas party he was able to take both dd and dds, so that was exciting for them, too. 

I wanted to go to ICE at the harbor center this year.  Last year was awesome.  This year's theme is Shrek...ds loves Shrek.  Hopefully we can schedule it so he can go, too.  With him being a police officer and on shift work we never know when he'll be able to spend time with us.  When you go through the ice show it is 9 cold, but you get this huge blue parkas to wear.  I have a problem with them because they just came off other people and I'm sort of a germ person, so I have to just concentrate on being warm and not on what I have on if that makes sense. 
This is all done in beautiful and interesting for sure.  Love it.  Yeah, it cost $$ to get in but it's a winter wonderland.

I haven't baked any cookies or goodies so far, but hoping to get that done with weekend.  I need to get to the store for some eggs and other stuff.  I have to wait until payday, though.

I have gotten almost all my Christmas cards out.  I have one more to send and a birthday card.  Will do that tonight.

I think I might have spaghetti supplies in my cabinet for dinner tonight.  Will probably make that when dh gets home.


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