Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I am Sick, Again

This has been a rough year for me.  I am sick again.  I have pharyngitis and am on antibiotic.  Now my nose is totally stuffed up and I have a sinus headache.  When there is so much to do trying to get last minute stuff together.  GRR 

The shooting at Sandy Hook is a tragedy.  I have lost a child due to a terminal illness and I know the feeling of lost.  It doesn't matter how a child is lost; a parent shouldn't have to bury a child, period.  But what people don't understand that somewhere in their neighborhood thousands of children are being killed even before birth and that's what makes this a tragedy, to me.  Obama, on the one hand is saying these children who were killed had their whole lives ahead of them.  But on the other hand he is in bed with Planned Parenthood supporting them to kill children.  Obama even said that he wouldn't want his daughters in an unwanted pregnancy and basically said he would want them to abort.  Now, how can you believe a person who is supporting Planned Parenthood yet goes to a town whose children were slaughtered and talk like it's such a shame?  Stupid.  This is why the world is messed up (including the people in it!).

Well, I better get busy getting things done around here.  I go laundry and dishes and presents to complete.   

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