Sunday, December 9, 2012

Money Envelopes {the originals}

With the hipe of the Dave Ramsey's cash envelopes, I just wanted you to know who the person was that invented this concept {as far as I'm aware of}.  Larry Burkett, who was a Christian financial person and who had Christian Financial Concepts which turned into Crown Ministries is the one who had financial envelopes. 
Cash Organizer
This is a picture of his envelopes.  I have one of them.  Years ago I bought one for my daughter who wasn't interested in using it.  But when dh and I took the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University course and we would tell dd about how to budget, etc and that Dave offered the envelope concept, dd dug out her envelope system from Larry Burkett.  And she is still using it to this day.  This is what is really keeping her on track!! 

Larry Burkett was a great man.  He never bought anything new, especially cars.  He always bought used.  Dave Ramsey has taken Larry's concepts and remarketed them and now people think he's the one who came up with this idea.  It's not.  I just wanted to give Larry Burkett the credit.  Larry passed away from cancer years ago, but he wrote some great books on money.  He had a radio show that was called Money Matters.  It was a great show. 

Crown now has this concept of the money map.  Again, they had the money map before Dave Ramsey.  I'm not slamming Ramsey, just saying that he remarketed what Larry Burkett already had. 

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