Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I just wanted to drop in here to say that I had a great Christmas.  I'm almost back to my old self which is good.  The kids were here this afternoon  to open presents and my son gave me a Samsung note which I'm typing on right now. It's awesome.  I can keep this little thing in my room.  My lap top is usually in the family room because I like to play games on it, but when I come to bed I like to listen to Jon Courson who is the pastor at Applegate Fellowship and I lik to watch his videos.  I was doing all that on my ipod which was  okay as long as I had my magnifying glasses on (haha), but this little table is great for seeing the screen.  Also, I don't have to keep dragging my laptop from one room to another (am I lazy or what?).  I thank my son  for getting me the note and husband for the keyboard.  

And my beautiful daughter got me a firepit!  Now,  what was I saying about my homemade fire pit I made from an old grill for the husband's birthday in October?  And so I asked if anyone wanted to go make a fire they said no.  Well, geez!  Hahah  I can't wait to make some fire outside and have fun. 

I've already thought about New Year's resoluations.  Actually, this year I'm sorta excited about them.  No like me at all; but I think getting my life back on track like I used to be a long time ago I will be happier way down in my soul.


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