Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ahh...Mother's Day

If you look real close around my neck and my ears you'll see the beautiful gift my dd gave me for Mother's Day.  She said it was 'beachy' (I like that) and I can wear it with my beachy outfits or I can be glamorous with it too...well, I think the word is classy!  I'm usually just a Plain Jane, but I suppose a girl has to be classy once in a while, right?  I love my gift.  Not only did I get this gift yesterday, dd made me (and dh) lunch [tuna sandwiches, my favorite chips, potato salad and iced tea!] and then later she drove us to downtown to get some ice cream.  Well, it was so busy downtown we couldn't find a parking spot so we went to another ice cream store.  I got a red velvet ice cream cone.  It was very good.  We went back to dd's condo and then later we decided to go out for dinner.  We tried P.F. Changs, Macroni Grill, Red Lobster and let me tell you, there were lines of people coming out the doors!  We ended up eating at Mama Lucia's.  Pizza...hahaha...but it was good.   Then after dinner dh and I went home.  It really was a great day for me!  Thank you dear darling daughter!

Now ds says he will take me out for lunch on Thurs.  We'll see if that pans out.  You never know about him.  He can make plans and then forget about them.  He is a busy man, after all.  LOL

A couple of days ago we were at the garden store and we found these dwarf peach trees.  How cool.  They are only suppose to grow to 3 feet.  And they grow fruit!  I told dh that he should get one (he's a fruit eater).  Anyway, guess what I found on the porch yesterday morning?  I sure hope those peaches are good ones.  Also, I found a pack of chocolate donuts in the frig.  Always when I start my 'diet' I have good stuff thrown in my path

I am blessed and some days I just forget how blessed I am.  Thank you Lord for all You give to me!

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