Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Purple Escort Station Wagon...not again!

Did I ever blog about my car?  I mean, did I blog when it broke down at Taco Bell?  Maybe I mentioned it here, yes, I think I did.  It was last September.  Well, I mentioned, too that dh didn't looked at the stuff leaking out of it until my oil light came on in the car and he put it on his car rack and saw that a seal was broken in the, the engine is a new engine.  And the seal is broken. me. 

It was over three weeks before I got my car back in September.  Three weeks without a car.  I felt like I was a prisoner in my home.  I couldn't go anywhere unless dh came home and I had to use his truck.  Towards the end of those three weeks I had cabin fever...I just wanted to go out by myself in my own car!

I googled to see how many purple escort stations wagons I could find.  Here are some:

Here's what she said about her car:
Once upon a time, I owned a purple Escort station wagon. I loved that car. Alas, it rewarded my love by throwing a rod through critical engine bits (probably an important life lesson there, eh?).

I think that's what happened to my escort the first time around...I put a new engine in it instead of getting rid of it like this lady.

I can't tell if this is exactly purple, but I want to soup up my escort like this:
jellybeaner1's 1997 Ford Escort

I didn't know there were so many purple stations wagons 'out there'.  LOL

I promise I will not cry, moan and groan this time about not having a car for three weeks and being a prisoner in the house.  It's hard, though, not being able to come and go as I please.  I have to wait for dh to get home and use his car or ask somebody to take me aroud town.  I don't like being dependent on others.  I just hope this car repair doesn't take as long as the last time.

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