Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Extreme Couponing

I'm sitting here watching extreme couponing.  I understand the concept behind it all and how cool to be able to get free stuff.  I wish I knew how to do that, but some of these people have 3 years worth of cereal sitting in their homes.  I don't know about their home, but if cereal sat around here opened or unopened for a long period of time it will  eventually end up stale.  So I ask, how do they keep their food from going bad?  Huh?  On the last show they has Chris Duff who does a lot of his couponing for the needy in his neighborhood.  Now, that's what I would want to do.  Can you imagine if extreme couponers could do that and keep the food banks from running out of food?  That's what I would want to do. 

I went to Target today.  Here's what I spent:
Arm and Hamer Laundry:  $8.50
Tostitos xxl:                        $2.50 ($1 coupon)
Utz chips:                             $3.14
Ocean Spray Juice (2@148) $2.96
MP Water:                          $2.99
Ball Park Franks                $7.58 (1)
Kelloggs Rice Krispies      $3.39 (.25)
Kelloggs Froot Loops         $2.50 (.25)
Wonder Bread                    $2.29
Bananas                              $1.20 ($1)
Sierra Mist                         $1.69 (Free)
MP Milk                             $2.99
Photo albums (3@8.00)      $24.00

This is pathetic.  I save $6.87.  When my kids were little they used to help me cut coupons.  In fact, Saturday was our day for clipping.  When the kids would seeme getting my scissor and coupons they asked if we were going to the store.  Hahah.  And I used to get that look at the register where people couldn't believe how much I saved in coupons.  But the thing back then is prices were so much cheaper and manufacturers would still put out coupons for .50 off.  So that was a great savings.  Sometimes I'd save 50% on my groceries.  I really need to sit down and rethink all this coupons stuff.  And, our coupon queen, the one pioneer of couponing was (and is) Susan Sumtar:

Here's here website:

This is who we followed for couponing.  She has youtube videos, too.

Anyway, I'm still not ready to leave toorrow.  Basically, we go the motor home cleaned, watered up and the refrigerator is on so it will be cold tomorrow.  We got needed supplies (at Target), I've packed some clothes, but still need to pack food, personal items, bed sheets....and then we have to stop by the post office and I have to get a medication refilled.  Even for a weekend trip, it time consuming getting ready! LOL I'm not a morning person, so I'll have to get up early to get last minute stuff done.  Whew!

That's it for tonight. 

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