Thursday, May 26, 2011

God Moment Yesterday on My Daughter's Birthday

Yesterday was my daughter's 31st birthday.  Katrina, my daughter who passed away when she was 12 from a genetic disease called cystic fibrosis.  So I cut some roses off my bushes in the yard to take to the cemetery.  Dh took the day off as he has since Katrina passed away.  We drove over to the cemetery and stayed there for a little while.  When we finally left, we visited our other daughter at her work and then decided to go to Red Lobster for a 'birthday' dinner.  And here's where the God moment comes in.  When we had been  seated at our table and we were looking down at the menus and as we were deciding what to order our waitress came over to us and said, "hi, my name is Katrina."  Well, my jaw dropped, my eyes locked in on my husband and then I looked at the waitress.  I looked at her name tag just in case I heard her name wrong and there it was.  The tag read Katrina.  It was unbelievable.  What are the chances of our daughter's name being Katrina and her birthday was yesterday and we get a waitress whose name is Katrina.  I don't believe in concidences. 

On another note, dh and I went to pick up my car.  It had a new oil pump put in it and a front end alignment.  When I started to drive it home, the steering wheel was still crooked so we turned around and drove it right back to the dealer's.  The next day they told dh that y car needed rachet pion replaced.  Well, why didn't they tell us it needed replacing before the alignment?  So mad!

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