Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I have been clipping coupons for a long time.  Well, actually, I clipped all the time when the kids where little; I was even one of those couponers who, while reading a magazine in the doctor's office I would clip coupons out of those magazines.  I didn't always do that, but when I started seeing all these coupons in those magazines expire, I couldn't help myself!  Then, when the kids got older and weren't in the house much anymore, I stopped cooking and clipping and cleaning.  I went into depression.  After all, I'd been a mom for 30's like having a job and than all of a sudden you show up for your job and you realize you've been laid off.  I still struggle with 'what is my job' these days.  I feel as if I've been displaced. 

Back to couponing...when I first started couponing, I had a little box I'd file my coupons in.  Then the box got too small.  Then I moved up to another bigger box which I used up until a few years ago.  I was seeing on the internet that everybody started using coupon binders and so I was all excited about carrying all my coupons to the store and having everything I need right there in one place.  So I spent hours and hours filing all my coupons in those baseball holders and I used my binder a few times, but seriously, I don't like it!   It's too big and bulky carrying it around.  I don't like it.  Then I went into my drawer and pulled out my coupon wallet and put all my coupons in that.  I have a picture of it in one of the posts below.  I even got stopped by a woman in the store who asked me where I got all my coupons.  Well, I was so worried about my coupons falling out of that thing (who hasn't dropped all their coupons at least once?) and so I feel like this is not the way I want to go either. 

Then I saw this small coupon binder that someone made themselves and I thought maybe that wouldn't be so bad, however, I know all my coupons won't fit into.  I went to staples to see if I could find a binder of that size and they didn't have any that zipped I had to get a smaller one.  Now I'm trying to thing how to manage my coupons in it.  Dh was with me when I was buying it and he asked me how I was gonna use it.  Hahaha..I had to tell him I didn't know.  He said when you plan to make something you should have some idea in your head about what you need to make it.  Ok, dh...but never every creative mind thinks like that! :)

Now this is my latest project...organizing my coupons again.  When I get it done I'll post a picture.

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