Friday, April 22, 2011

Daughter Got Her Dream Car!

Well, my daughter got her dream car today!  (This IS her actual car.)  I'm so excited for her.  She's waited a really long time for this and even though it's not a brand new car, it's almost.  Now she's in debt for the next 6 years!!  LOL..but she knows she has the option to make higher payments to  get the car paid off faster. 

But who knew we would be at Carmax for over 8 hours.  OMGsh...the big thing was that she did not finance through Carmax.  She got a better deal at her bank, so she had to finance with Carmax, then go to the bank, get their paperwork, bring it back to Carmax, then Carmax had to do a return the car paperwork and then resell the car back to my daughter.  Now, while the salesman was looking over the paperwork from the bank he noticed that the bank would only finance an extended warranty up to $2,000, but my daughter bought an extended warranty for $2,669.  Oh my...that's what took so long...paperwork!  However, when we got done, oh happy days!   I'm so excited for her.  Although, it was really sad to leave her blue little car behind.  It was such a great little car; she spent 10 years of her life driving that car.  I will always love that little blue car.

It was a rainy day today, too.  And the whole weekend might be rain.  I just hope it's not going to be one of those summers where every weekend it rains.  Boo!

I'm exhausted, so that's it for now.

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