Saturday, April 2, 2011

People Who Have Joy Down in Their Hearts

So much for not eating out today!  I was wanting a tuna sandwich, the kind they serve seniors at Friendly's.  After dh finished planting his crop on Farmville (LOL) we hopped in the car and I drove to Edgewater, Maryland to Friendly's. 

Now, there is this one lady who works there that  is one of those people that is never down.  I'm sure you have run into those types before.  She calls all her customers baby, love, sweetie...and she's hands on which means she touches you and asks if she can get you anything.  This lady has been working there for years and never once have I ever seen her down or upset.  I asked her today how she keeps  so positive and she said it's because of "Him".  She said she follows His directions.  Okay, now I gotta profess here that I'm a Christian and I follow His directions, but I am not up.  I mean, I'm lucky if I'm up one day of the week.  Most of the time I am fighting depression and I'm a negative person.  I don't know why I'm that way but I see the glass half empty.  I don't like the way I am, but I don't know how to change.  I've tried, but I always go back to my old negative self.  So this lady at Friendly's is a real joy to be around and there aren't many people I see that I would like to be around for a joyous pick me up!

Wouldn't it be awesome to be able to save the life of a person?  That's what saving babies from abortion is about.  Here is a woman who was a sidewalk counselor outside abortion clinics when she was asking God what more could she do to reach those mothers going into the clinics.  Here is her testimony.  Just awesome. 

I so want to be able to make a difference like this. 

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