Saturday, April 9, 2011

How Disappointing our Government is..Keep Funding Planned Parenthood

I cannot believe the defenders of the unborn caved in.  Or are they really defenders?  I'm talking about our Republican representatives who was standing tall against the democrats who was forcing our tax payer money to continue to fund Planned Parenthood.   If women would just take a look at Planned Parenthood and see they are not what they say they are I think it would change a lot of people's minds.  PP's telling women they offer mammograms, which by the way they don't, and our stupid lawmakers are believing it.  Can't believe people are so dumb who are running this country.  Could I do a better job of running the country..don't know, but what I do know is there are laws and morals that people have to live by and killing innocent, unborn children in the womb is against not only morals but against our own species. 

I watch a lot of crime shows.  When they show a murder victim I have to ask myself what is the difference between that person who was born and lived and the difference between a baby that was in the womb and torn to pieces by an abortion.  None.  Yet, the killer of the murder victim will face discipline, where as the murderer of the child that was torn apart will not.  In fact, abortionists have the government's blessings and funding for doing so.  How does that make sense?  And by letting the funding for Planned Parethood continue is proof of that.  Shame on our government!!!

I found these two videos on youtube....I thought they were very good and very understandable:

And what is the difference whether a child in dependent on it's mother's nourishment while growing in the womb and the child's dependent on it's mother outside the womb?  Babies will die after being born if not every single need is met.  So, really, what's the diffence and for anybody who uses that excuse (I've heard it enough times, believe me), they just don't get it.  You can't change reality no matter how hard you try.

It's another rainy day here and I only got a couple hours of sleep.  I need to go take a nap.

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