Monday, April 4, 2011

My Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday.  I'm getting old, that's all I can say.  I never pictured me this age.  Crazy!  The kids came to visit and my son brought me an Oreos cake and lemon meringue pie!  Earlier in the day dh bought me a vanilla cake.  I asked them why they didn't plan this better.  I love cake and pie, but three of them?  Temptation is sitting in my frig.  Good grief!  

Then I wanted to go to Jerry's Sub to get a pizza, but others wanted to go to Olive Garden.  $$$...I knew with the four of us it was gonna cost, but I did bring my $4 off least that helps with the tip.  It was the dinner from hell.  First off, around here never go out to dinner on a Friday or Sunday night.  Ever.  Too many people and not enough restaurants.  We waited over an hour just to get seated.  When we finally got a seat, dh didn't like it, but I told him we were sitting there anyway.  I honestly think the waitress didn't want to be working...slow and not caring.  When she finally came over to the table to take our drink orders I also ordered bruchetta.  Now the bread is suppose to be totally toasted, but ours wasn't and I had them take it back and it still came out not cooked.  Then, after getting our salad and bread sticks we waited another hour for our food.  Let's just say a two hour dinner turned into a four plus hours and it was late when we got home.  And then we still had cake and ice cream to eat.  But my family was very thoughtful to come spend the day with me.  

The weather today is so very nice.  It's in the 70's the sun is out and it's just beautful.  I'm getting the spring cleaning feeling!

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