Friday, April 1, 2011

This Past Week

Dh and I have been out to eat a lot this week.  We need to stop.  But it's nice not having to spend time in the kitchen cooking and cleaning.  Wednesday our daughter called me and asked if we wanted to eat at Outback.  She was craving a blooming onion.  Well, yeah, I'll go.  Don't want to pass up a blooming onion.  She said she would pay half the bill, but I just couldn't let her do that.  I mean, we are still the parents and I just don't feel right about letting her pay.  I think I get that from my dad.  He would take us all out to eat, sometimes both my brothers and their families and he would insist on paying for the whole bill.  He would say he's the I know how he felt.  I sure miss my parents. 

I have a birthday coming up.  Yes, I do.  Another year older...they just come so fast anymore.  On my birthday I used to send my parents flowers in a baby vase and on the card I'd right 'congratulations on your baby girl' because if it wasn't for them I would never have been born.  My mom would get a kick out of that.  Really, I had nothing to do with being was all my parents and I'm not even sure why parents aren't celebrated on their child's birthday instead of the child.  So the family is asking me what I want for my birthday and for the first time ever I'd just assume skip it.  I just don't want to be fussed over.  My son called and asked me what I wanted for my birthday..he was out shopping and couldn't come up with anything.  When I said nothing he wouldn't take that for an answer and so I told him to get a gift card to Chick-fil-a.  I eat there a lot, so at least I can get some 'free' meals.  I thought that was a practical gift. 

I finished the taxes and they were mailed out this morning...yeah.  One thing I got off my list done.  Tons more on my list, though.  I started balancing the checkbook and of course it never comes out right, so I'll be busting my brains tomorrow trying to get it to balance out.  I don't want to write checks for the bills until I know how much money I have.

Weather has been cold again, but it's nice to see some flowers popping up out of the ground.  It's time to dewinterize our motor home...we are taking it out next month to go to our Christian Motorcycle Rally in Delaware. 

That's it for now....

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