Thursday, April 14, 2011

Grocery Shopping

I finally got my coupons and grocery list together and off I went to the store.  I dread grocery's an all day chore.

I go through the store and I pretty much stick to my list..well, other than some meat I bought.  Almost everything I bought I had a coupon for and it was on sale at the store.  Then it came to checkout time. 

As soon I pulled up to the checkout and saw the cashier I knew I was gonna have trouble.  One can just feel it.  The stupid store had two express lanes open and one regular, can you believe that?  Geez.  Anyway, the cashier immediately asked me for my store card which I shouldn't have given to her because I heard you should give it at the end of the order.  Well, that was mistake #1, but anyway I continued to load my stuff on the belt.  Then the cashier was just throwing my stuff after she rang it up all together squishing the bread which really gets me going.  I started loading bags myself and when it came to taking off the coupons I was watching the cashier and she was making two pile was coupons that 'went in' and another pile wouldn't get rung or be taken off.  The cashier hands me back the coupons and said they won't go in.  I looked at her and said I bought the stuff, so the coupons have to come off.  I don't care how you ring them in, but they are good.  After 10 minutes of her fooling around, she finally calls the manager over and the manager said sometimes you have to fold the bar code in half.  Then she started having trouble and asked me if I bought the stuff on the coupon for which I had to dig through the bags to show her.   Buy the time I got out of that store I think I spent more time at the checkout then I did shopping and I know the guy behind me was not happy.  But it wasn't my fault. 

When I left the store I was feeling like a criminal...I mean, it's getting to the point where the cashiers automatically think you are trying to rip them off.  I have better things to do than sit around and 'make' coupons. 

I did cook dinner tonight.  I made spaghetti, Texas toast and salad.  Dh said it was better than eating out.  Wow!  Tomorrow night it is meatloaf with mashed potatoes!

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