Monday, April 25, 2011


When kids become adults holidays just aren't as fun anymore.  For instance, there is no excitment about the Easter Bunny visiting, dyeing eggs or hiding them for that matter.  No more family get togethers, extended family, that is.  I do, however, continue to make small baskets for the kids, but they don't really enjoy candy anymore either, so finding things to put in their baskets can be mind draining. 

I went to the Christian bookstore and found some cute little things for their baskets.  Or pails...haha..I got this cute little pails at Target for a couple of dollars and they made up cute. 

So ds had to work on Easter and couldn't make it to dinner which we had at dd's house.  I brought all the food to cook which was okay by me.  I made chicken, noodles, stuffing, corn and corn bread.  But it was just the three of us.  I remember a time when I had a house full of people but not anymore.  It's sad, really. 

After we left dd's place we stopped by ds house and left his basket hanging on his front door.  Everyone in the house was asleep (they are all cops and had early shifts).  And so that was the extend of our Easter.

I did watch  a show called The Lost 40 Days.  It was about the Shroud of Turin...I learned some things about it I didn't know.  Amazing what is now being told about it.  If you get a chance look it up. 

Saturday evening (I'm going backwards here) our church had it's Passion Play, so ds and dd, me and dh all went.  It was so nice having the family together.  It felt complete.  It's not often we can get together because of everybody's schedule. 

I hope everyone had a good Easter!

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