Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tornado in the Area....oh my!

Ah, I didn't know.  Weather was so nice today, but as the day went on the sky got darker.  I know the news people were saying possible tornados, but they usually don't pan out.  I had run some errands today; I went to Target to get some pictures made, waiting an hour for them to be printed and when I went back to pick them up I was told the machine wasn't working.  Sometimes I just want to slam somebody, but I was nice about it and told the cashier to cancel my order!  LOL  Then later in the evening I got a phone call from the photo lab saying my photos were ready.  Good grief.  Anyway, I bought these baby safety locks for my kitchen cabinets because the ones I have on there now my cats can still open and squeeze in the cabinets.  I saw these ones on tv that are magnets and you need a magnet to open them up.  Dh spent all evening installing them, but I don't know if I'm gonna like 'em.  Now, while he was installing them I fell asleep on the couch and later as I got on the computer read there was a tornado only a few miles from the house.

Oh well.  I'm glad it didn't come closer to the house.  I wonder if dh would have woke me up to have me move to safety...hahah.  I might have woke up in the trees, who knows. 

I've got to make another trip to Target tomorrow.  The pharmacy had to order my meds and they will be in tomorrow.  I have been driving my car on 'e' all day and wonder if I'll have enough gas to make it to the gas station.  It was scary today because I left my c-phone home and isn't it always the way when you leave your phone home the car breaks down and you can't get help, but I pushed fate today. 

I used to drive a van when the kids were younger and that truck was always on 'e'.  I tell people I filled the tank up with prayer gas because I prayed a lot to God to get me from place to another.  I just didn't have the money, but I had to drive my kids back and forth to school.  When my youngest was in half day kindergarten  I was making six trips a day back and forth to school.  I loved those days!

I was watching extreme couponing on tv...I just don't understand one thing about that show.  As much food as those people stockpile, doesn't that stuff go bad after a year or so.  There is no way they can eat all that food.  If you can't use that much food, what's the point in buying it? 

I would like to coupon good (can I say that?), but there are no stores in this area that will double the coupons anymore.  It used to be a big thing years ago to double coupons, but they just don't. 

I bought a new hp printer today.  It's a wireless and I'm hoping that when I'm on my laptop in another room I'll be able to print stuff off.  Right now I can't do that. 

I guess we'll see what tomorrow brings. 

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