Friday, April 29, 2011

Fried Chicken--Made at Home

Okay, now I know this is gonna sound stupid, but I can't explain myself.  Over the years I have tried making fried chicken in a frying pan.  It would never come out right.  I mean, there have been two things in this world that I could not make, pancakes and fried chicken.  I know, stupid, huh?  Oh, I forgot another...homemade gravy.  Okay, that's three.  Now I watch this cooking show on youtube called Cooking With Jack and he was making fried chicken in a fryer.  I don't know what brand of fryer it was but then I got to thinking about my fry baby.  I've had it for a long, long time, but I have never made fried chicken in it.  I have cut up chicken to make fried chicken nuggets, but it never occurred to me to fry up chicken breasts.  So that's why I ask, how stupid am I?  Fry baby instructions says only to use vegetable in the fryer, but I didn't have any.  All's I had was olive oil.  So, in it went.  And the chicken cooked up wonderfully.   I also made rice/broccoli steamers with some leftover cornbread I had. 

The chicken breasts I bought with  my $.75 off coupon.  It's one of the coupons I had trouble at the store redeeming....just because it wouldn't scan on their register they didn't want to accept it.  It's a Perdue coupon.  I cut it out of the coupons I got in the paper.  Go figure...but they finally did accept it. 

So, cooking at home saved us at least $30.  I like that.  

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