Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 12-Something I Love

I love the beach, although I don't get there too often.  And the Chesapeake Beaches we have close to home are pretty dirty to swim in, but people do it anyway.  This is a picture of the beach in Melbourne, Florida when we vacationed there last May.  We drove over an hour to get there and when we finally did, we picked out a spot to set up our stuff and wouldn't you know about 10 minutes later a Florida storm rolled in with thunder and lightening and we had to hightail it outta there.  Hahah.  Well, we did get into the water and had a great time with the waves knocking us  me down.  The life guard even walked over to where I was in the water because I kept getting knocked over and I think I gave him a fright.  LOL  A few times I gave myself a fright!! 

I also love these things: 



Cross Stitching


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