Friday, February 11, 2011

Day Three-First 48 Memphis; my Cat is Hyperthyroid

Today you will learn about the cast of my favorite show.  I watch a lot of crime shows, so this one was kinda hard.  But here it is:

Sgt. Caroline Mason is upfront and doesn't pull no bull in her style of interrogation and I like that.  She is able to get on the same wave length, if you will, with criminals and wear them down.  This season we (the viewers) have not seen the Memphis team on The First 48 and in doing some research on it I found out that Memphis City Council has suspended filming because it has put a bad light on their police department.  I say, they've got to be kidding.  I thought the Memphis team was the best team they had on the show and they will certainly be missed.  I just hope that the Memphis City Council will see the ways of their mistake and chose to unsuspend (is that a word) the filming and bring the team back. 

I also like to watch Dale Hinman's show called Body of Evidence.  She is a criminal profiler, but has worked in the FBI and I think she was a police officer, too.  Her husband is an ex Prince George's County Chief of Police (the county I live in) and I remember him from back in the day. 

I also watch Dr. G Medical Examiner. 

My dad worked for the Secret Service, my son is a county police officer and I wanted to be a police officer when I was young, but at that time they had height regulations and I was too short.  Just as they changed the requirements I started dating dh.  He was concerned if we got married and had kids while being a police officer, would I want the kids to be motherless if I was shot and killed while working.  Secretly, I think he was the one who was most worried, so I chose not to enter into police force.  I did however, work for the District Court and Parole and Probation. 

I have a cat name Katerina who basically lives next door.  The neighbors told me she was vomiting and other stuff LOL so I took her to the vets and she tested to be hyperthyroid.  She is the kind of cat that does not like to be touched.  She allows you to pet her head only when she says it's okay.  I bought meds for her; it comes in a pen and it rubs on the inside of her ear, but again, it's going to be a job just getting that done.  My neighbor said that he will try to give her the meds in the morning while he feeds her, but if that doesn't work out we'll have to come up with another plan.  Katerina is twelve years old.  But she looks like she's in great shape.


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