Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day Nine-A Picture of the Person Who Got You Through the Most

Here's a picture of the person who has gotten me through the most...Jesus.  He's the only one who has been there for me through thick and thin.  Even when I feel that everybody, including dh, is against me, Jesus is always right next to me.  I will admit that we do have a rocky relationship at times, but it's me and not Him.  Jesus says He will never forsake us.  Forsake means to leave or abandon.  Jesus is the only one that I know of who will never, ever leave me. 

My parents grew sick and died...not their fault, of course, but they did leave me.  My kids grew up and left the nest and I know one day dh or I will die and have to leave the other (sad thought), but Jesus will never do that.  He's with me forever and ever whether I'm alive or dead. 

But I will say, that I have been very mad at Him a lot in my life.  Like when my daughter passed away.  We are told in the Bible that children are a blessings, so why did He take my blessing from me?  I'm still somewhat mad about that.  And the recent news I received...I'm still dealing with that.  I just don't understand why Jesus doesn't step in to come to our rescue.  Well, I do intellectually, but emotionally I get mad and angry.  And then when I'm so far down in the pits of despair who is the one I turn to?  Jesus.  Because He has never left me. 

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