Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 14-Someone You Could Never Imagine Your Life Without

I would have to say this goof ball...dh.  Honesty here; he can make me so mad at times, I mean really mad, but then he'll do something totally off the wall and we get to laughing.  But we've been together for 33 years so it's hard to imagine not having him.  However, it's something we are gonna have to face and we do talk about it from time to time.  We talk about one of us will be left behind without the other.  I've never lived by myself, ever.  I went from my dad's house to getting married and living with dh, so the thought of being by myself is quite scary.  Especially being old and alone.  If I have to be old I want to be the kind of old where I'm still strong enough to do stuff for myself.  You know the kind, you've seen them before.  Like the 91 year old lady that is still pushing a lawn mower and cutting her own grass. 

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