Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 20-Where I'd Like to Travel, Lost Children, Taxes

  I said in an earlier post maybe I'd like to go a tropical resort. 

It just looks so peaceful, a place one can really kick back and get away from your life.  Well, sorta.  I mean, you do take your life and all the junk in your head with you, but at least you can get a break from the everyday ins and outs. 

But the problem with getting to a resort such as these is that I don't (won't) fly so I guess I'll never get to one.  Too bad.  Maybe I can make one in my backyard!  I'd love that.  I should look into that.

"Backyard Tropical Resort" neat.  The comforts of home just steps away...hahah. 

Did you ever go camping in your yard when you were a kid?  We thought that was the 'funniest' thing to do; sleep outside in your yard.  I let my kids do that a few times, but I was scared.  I have french doors in my bedroom that go out into the backyard so we set the tent up right outside the doors just in case the kids needed me.  Well once, I didn't sleep a wink all night worrying about them and then when my husband got up the next morning I kinda felt I could get a nap.  Next thing I know my son and husband come running into the bedroom yelling they couldn't find my daughter.  Talk about freak out!!  We started searching the house and everywhere and then I went outside to look in the tent and there she was curled up very close to the side of the tent with blankets on top of her.  Scary!  She wondered what the fuss was about. 

Then that reminds me of another time she scared the pajeebees out of me.  I was busy sewing one day and I knew my daughter was in her room playing.  Then I didn't hear anything and you know that always means trouble so I went to check on her and she wasn't in her room!  OH MY could she have gone past me while I was sewing?  I ran outside looking and looking and she wasn't there.  I checked the basement, I checked everyroom and I was just about to call the police when I checked her closet and there she was sound asleep on a pile of clothes. 

And while I'm on the subject of 'runaway' kids, let me tell you about the time my son got lost at the county fair.  My brother and his family (his daughter was little at the time, well, same age as my son probably around 8 or nine) and us (my family) went to the fair together.  We stayed in a group until I turned around to ask my son a question and he was gone!!!  I freaked out.  I was yelling his name, I grabbed hold of all the kids hands, I couldn't stop screaming and everything went into slow motion.  I'm sure you've heard of people who described a tragedy how they start seeing everything in slow motion, well, that happened to me.  It was awful.  Finally, after looking like a freak yelling and pulling the kids around by their arms, I looked up and just in a small clearing I saw my son.  I didn't know whether to beat him or hug him and not let him go.  I was crying alot.  When I went to get him I asked him why he left, but I didn't ask it in a calm voice, mind you, and he said he thought his aunt was walking and he just was following her, only it wasn't his aunt.  That boy, our son, had to be put a leash after that for a time.  I couldn't trust him after that.  Now it's a joke about the time he had to wear a dog leash on his belt, but the terror of having a lost child is just horrible. 

I still have to get my tax stuff done.  I have put it off for too long now.  I know I have to conquer it, but since I don't keep good records, which have got to change, I have only myself to blame! *sigh*