Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day Eight-A Picture That Makes You Laugh

These two pictures of my son make me laugh.  He is not one to make faces like these so that's why I laugh when I see these. In fact, I have these two pictures hanging in my bedroom; they are the first thing I see when I wake up.  My son has always been a comedian, seriously.  He has the funniest, off the wall stuff he seems to say all at the right times.  If he's in the room you will not stop laughing.  I thank God for giving humor to my son.  When my son and his fellow soldiers had come back from Iraq (both times) I had his friends come up to me and tell me that if it wasn't for my son's sense of humor, they don't know how they would have gotten out of some situations.  For instance, one soldier told me that when they were all taking fire and it seemed like a very bleak situation, Adam would come up with the funniest remarks which, in turn, would give everybody a chuckle, which got everybody thinking again.  Then things didn't look so bleak. 

Here's another picture that makes me laugh.  Brother and sister being silly. 

I found these videos on you tube years ago which I think are very funny and I watch them every once in awhile just to laugh. 

The best laughter is usually spontaneous!

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