Monday, March 21, 2011

Another Book Haul and Miss Puma

Believe it or not one of my resolutions for the year was not to buy anymore books.  It didn't take me long to break because my first book haul was in January when dh and I went to State College, PA.  I just had to stop by my favorite store there, Ollie's and load up on books.  The price was so good.  Now with Border's going out of business..well, it's so tempting and tempted I was.  I can't believe I paid what I did for these books.  Somebody kick me.  Actually, I'm surprised dh didn't say something to me.  Even though Borders was giving a discount, it still was expensive.  Stupid me. 

I was a craftaholic.  But now my craft room is jammed pack I can't even get in it.  So I vowed to stopped buying crafts which I did.  But now I'm a bookaholic.  Why is it when you get rid of one habit another starts up?  And the silly thing about books and me is that we have a love/hate relationship.  When I read a book I either agree with what is being 'said' or I totally disagree.  Crazy.

One of my cats, Miss Puma gets this ear infections and she has a really bad one now.  However, Miss Puma does not like being touched and it's very difficult when I have to treat her because I end up chasing her around the house, then she bites and scratches me, then dh puts on his motorcycle gloves to help and Miss Puma really hates dh.......

This is what Miss Puma did to me last time we had to give her meds...that isn't paint on the paper towels!

I made a vet appointment for her but I'm already having anxiety about trying to catch her, put her in the carrier to get her to the vets.  Especially after what she did to me before (see above picture).  *sigh*

I guess we'll see what tomorrow brings.

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