Friday, March 25, 2011

Our Cats... and Maryland Has it's Own Day?

Miss Puma (Maine Coon)

Thank you for praying for Miss Puma.  Here is a picture of her.  She's a Maine Coon that my son brought home from when he worked at the vets.  In fact, he brought home five cats from the vets.  I had to tell him enough is more.  If you'd tell him about that story today he would deny it.  LOL  I think Miss Puma is on the road to recovery as she is acting like her old self.  Or..maybe it's the just the pain meds the doctor gave her.  Whatever it is, I like it.  I hate seeing the animals sick and not feeling well. 

I thought I'd post all my cats here.  I have 10 of them.  Sometimes I think I have a problem, especially when I watch those animal hoarding shows.  It scares me to think I could be that way.  I believe the difference between me and them is I know when to stop :)...I feel I have too many cats now and I don't want anymore.

This is Angel Baby...he walked up onto our porch in 2001 and never left.

Here is Alvin.  Now, I know you aren't suppose to have favorites, but Alvin is very, very intelligent and we just get along so well.  Sometimes I think he knows what I'm thinking. 

Here is Mouse.  She is one of the cats my son brought home.  Mouse had a brother named Money who died from a heart attack.  It was an awful day when that happened.  Mouse and Money were inseparable and she went into a depression after he passed.  She has never really come out of it.  It's sad to see her so lonely.

Now here we have Roy.  My son was going through a Roy Rogers 'time' and so Roy is really Roy Rogers, but I call him Roy Boy.  He's another one my son brought home from the vets.

 Here we have Velvet.  Actually her name is Black Velvet, but I call her Velvie for short.
This one is Randy.  He's the baby of the last litter Miss Puma had.  He used to cry a lot, but he has the loudest purr of any cat I've ever heard and he likes to give hugs.

Katerina is the oldest.  She's twelve years old.  She was recently diagnosed with hyperthyroid disease and has to be given thyroid meds everyday.  She basically lives next door and the neighbor has agreed to give her the meds.  It somes in a pen type thingy and all he has to do is swipe it on the inside of her ear. 

Here is Splash.  She got her name because of the many colors that she has on her coat.  It reminded me of a splash of color. 

This isn't a real good picture of Victoria, but she went missing for two weeks and this picture was taken when she showed back up, skinny as could be.  She came into the house and went right to the food! 

Those are my ten cats.  If you think medical insurance is expensive for people, it's outrageous for animals.  Good grief!

I was on Facebook a little while ago and someone has posted that Maryland has it's own day.  I lived and worked in Maryland my whole life and I never knew they had their own day.  Surprise, surprise.

Old man winter is making another appearance on Sunday.  It's already getting cold and the snowflakes will be arriving according to the weatherman.  I guess it will be a good weekend to catch up on cleaning and organizing.   That's a never ending job.  ;)

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