Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 24-Something I Could Change; Still in Pain

This is a picture of my living room.  The picture does it justice because it doesn't look this good in real life.  A year and a half ago I painted it blue, but it wasn't the blue that I wanted but I had three gallons of this paint so I was kinda stuck with it.  I wanted to eventually make it a 'sea' room, but it's not turning out so good.  The wood floor is a disgrace...I have cats and a dog so the floor needs alot of attention.  The oak floor is original with the house which was built in the '60's and it's never been professionally resanded (well, except once with dh did it but I don't think he did too good of a job, but he tried so I give him credit for that!) or restained so this is what I would really like to change.  Unless I re-housed the animals I don't think I'll ever had another nice living room.  This room is definitely a thorn in my side. 

My side still has not gotten any better and I'm still in pain.  And since my tripping accident I have gained 3+ pounds.  Now how does that happen? *sigh*

We have Dave Ramsey's Financial Freedom class tonight.  We are trying to get out of debt and stay out.   I've already paid off one credit card! 

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