Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Miss Puma

Yesterday I took Miss Puma to the vets.  I felt bad that I had to trick her into the carrier.  See, she came to me in the morning for a 'head pet'.  She doesn't usually do that...and she was right next to the carrier, so I pushed her in.  Then off we went.

When the vet saw her she wasn't even sure she could 'fix' Miss Puma's ears.  she said that I might even have to put her down.  That never even occurred to me, but Miss Puma has these tumors that pop up on her blood vessels in her ears and the vet said if they go real deep in her ears, there may not be anything that can be done.  However, the vet worked on them and today the vet's office called me to come pick Miss Puma up.  Wow!  The vet cleaned out her ears and cauterized them.  They look pretty good now.  I haven't seen Miss Puma have this much energy in awhile.  I just hope the tumors don't come back.

This evening I was so tired, so I went to lay down and fell alseep for two hours.  I don't usually do that and now I'm wondering if a cold is coming on.  I still feel tired.

We just had a thunder/lightening storm.  The weatherman even mentioned snow flurries tonight.  Well, spring, what happened to you?


  1. I will pray for Miss Puma. I love my two dogs so much so I can only imagine how you must feel about Miss Pumas tumors...

  2. Happy news about Puma's ears. We had snow yesterday but it's all melted now. Lots of rain today. I enjoyed my visit to your blog. Hugs!