Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 25-Picture of my Day

Today I had some errands to do.  I had to go to Target and pick up my prescription and I also printed off some photos from 2008 that I've had stored on a usb drive.  I'm like three and half years behind printing out my photos.  I don't think I'll ever get caught up organizng the photos albums.  But I'm gonna try.  Now that I got alot of my albums organized and labeled I'm in the mindset of just getting it ALL done so I can not think about it anymore.  I printed out 200 pictures today which cost me a total of 29.98 and I had printed off a target coupon from their website for $ I saved a dollar!  That's alright by me.

Next, I went to staples.  I had a reward coupon for $20.02.  I've been wanting to get a wireless mouse for my laptop and Staples had them on sale for $14.99.  While there I knew I'd have a few dollars extra to spend so I picked up some $2 stuff.  The mouse is originally priced for $29.99.  So, I get up to the counter and give the cashier my stuff to ring up which came out to be $36.00..and I knew that was wrong, then I have her my coupon which she took off and I had seven empty ink cartridges (which should give me $14 worth of rewards for next time) and when it was said and done she said I owed $14.00.  I aksed her if that was the mouse that was on sale for $14.99.   She tried to tell me no, but I had my store flyer with me and I said it looks like it is and she looked at the flyer and said oh yes it is.  And so she took off the $14.99 and guess what?  The store owed me $1.11.  Can you believe that?  I never in my life had the store owe me money.  So out prints a coupon for $1.11 which expires at the end of the month..LOL.  I thought that was pretty cool.

Unfortunately this paycheck, I think I've blown the budget and might have to dip into the savings.  Since starting Financial Peace University we have been doing really well about our money, but sometimes on the weeks the really big bills come in there's almost nothing you can do about running out of money.  It's a lot like dieting..sometimes you just gotta have that forbidden food.

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