Sunday, March 20, 2011


Yesterday we went to Cici's Pizza with some friends.  It's an all you can eat pizza/salad buffet.  We got a senior discount ($1 off each) so it was an okay price.  I don't think the pizza/bread sticks are all that great.  I thik Pizza Hut has the best bread sticks, but I don't care much for their pizza.  Now Ledos and Jerry's has good pizza. 

I was also thinking that spring is really springing.  When I got in the car yesterday I already found a spider web which my dreaded spiders are showing up.  I get these tree spiders in my car and I'm terrified of spiders as I've mentioned below in one of my post and this creepy pests get in my car.  I'll be driving along and they start running along my dashboard or windshield and I've even had them crawling on me or my stick shift.  I've never gotten bit by one but the thought of having spiders crawling on you while you're driving and oh, especially at night when you can't see them really freaks me out.  So not only did I find a spider web in my car today, as I was driving along with the windows rolled down the loud music from other cars were playing and I mean it just brought summer to mind.  I guess sometimes winter isn't so bad when you can't hear the conversations of the people in the car next to you when you are sitting a at red light! 

Today was a not do much kinda of day.  Dh went to work this morning.  I love that overtime.  We are trying hard to get out of debt.  I've already got two credit cards paid off.  That's progress!

Until later...

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