Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 28-Something I'm Afraid Of

Oh my gosh....just posting this picture is freaking me out.  Look how ugly and scary a spider is.  It's digusting!!  Roaches freak me out, too.   Spiders and roaches are the top things I'm afraid of. 

I really slept in late today.  Really, really late into the afternoon.  I think I need it since my rib hurts a lot.  Well, I think it is getting better.  Since I've hurt my rib I have gained weight.  Now I believe it's true that cortisol, that chemical in your body that you produce more of when you are under stress puts weight on you.  Hopefully when I'm completely pain free my body will got back to being the way it was..a few pounds smaller.  LOL

Dh and I went to Fundruckers for dinner tonight.  I've been wanting a big hamburger for a week and the burger I ate tonight hit the spot. 

Weather was cook today.  A bit chilly but I can smell spring in the air!  It can't be here soon enough. :)

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